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No matter what level of hosting you are looking for be it your first steps towards owning your own internet domain name or a full corporate email system we offer a range of services to meet your needs.
All you have to do to take advantage of these amazing hosting deals is either register a new domain name, transfer a domain name you already have registered with another registrar to us or you can even keep your current registrar and simply point your domains nameservers to our DNS servers free of charge. We even offer you free hosting should you chooses to purchase a domain name from us or transfer from your existing registrar. We offer fully featured web hosting,all servers run Redhat Linux one of the industry leaders in web server operating systems, all controled from our integrated control panel.

Why not sign up today for our free hosting. Once you do you will see why many of our clients choose to upgrade to one of our more advanced scalable hosting options to host there site. All our paid for hosting packages feature many extras normally charged for by other hosting companies. Select one of the packages below to sign up and take control of your domains and web hosting. Please contact us by email if you have any queries or require further informaiton on our packages

At the centre of all our hosting packages is your control panel which allows real-time administration of your account. You access this via any standard web browser.You can instantly perform tasks such as setting up new e-mail accounts and forwarderd, configuring MYSQL Databases, install cgi scripts, CHMOD and upload your files with the integrated file manager, You can even analyse your site traffic. All our paid hositng packages also include downloadable software and installable scripts as well as copyright free images and web graphics and of course not to forget the free website builder. You will also have access to our turotial and support database which is a valuable source of information on the administraiton and setup of your site. You are TOTAL control of every aspects of your Web Hosting.

*not applicable to Webstart Hosting, You must register or transfer a domain to obtain free webhosting.

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